At Cool Holdings, our focus is to continue the expansion of our incredible partnership with Apple the world’s biggest and most iconic brand. And additionally, exploit investments and acquisitions opportunities, with minority and majority interests in additional sector-leading companies and brands to accelerate profitable growth.

"The team at Cool Holdings, will continue expanding the retail footprint of our boutique Apple stores under the OneClick®brand. It is our absolute intention to become the largest authorized reseller of Apple®products and services in the Americas. Cool Holdings will fully leverage the experience and amazing track record of key board and strategic shareholders (Cold Stone Creamery, PinkberryFrozen Yogurt, Blimpie Subs, Taco Time, Jamba Juice and Aphria MMJ) to name a few.
The teams global network, operational experience at the retail level, acquisition of locations and storefronts coupled with marketing and execution of various CPG products is nothing less than an injection off successful energy that will translate to the company’s growth and stockholder profits”.