Investor Note:

Cool Holdings, Inc. was formed by the merger on March 12, 2018 between InfoSonics Corporation and Cooltech Holding Corp. At that time, InfoSonics was a publicly held company traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “IFON,” and Cooltech was a privately held company. As a result of the Merger, Cooltech became a wholly-owned subsidiary of InfoSonics, and InfoSonics remained the publicly traded parent company. On June 14, 2018, InfoSonics changed its name to Cool Holdings, Inc. and subsequently changed its ticker symbol to “AWSM.” Because of the change of control that resulted from the Merger, it was treated as a “reverse merger” with Cooltech deemed to be acquiring InfoSonics for accounting purposes. Therefore, the Company’s historical financial statements prior to the Merger reflect those of Cooltech, except for the legal capital of Cooltech which was retroactively adjusted to reflect the legal capital of InfoSonics.

2018 Form 10-K

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